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Here's how to book a time

  1. Log in
  2. Decide when you would like to do your skills exam among the available slots below.
  3. When you have found a free slot that fits your liking click the "Edit"-button to the right. If the page is displayed in swedish the word for "Edit" is "Redigera".
  4. In the editor-window that then appears: scroll down to your desired time and write your groupnumber and names after the :-character.

You can only switch to another free slot and you may absolutely not book an already occupied slot!

Log in with
Username: s k i l l 1 4
Password: v i c t o r y 1 4

(HINT: no spaces, last two characters are numeric)

Thursday the 21th


At 8.30

  • GroupA: Grp5 (Daniel Larsson och Wihelm Persson)
  • GroupB: Grp16 (Alexandra Landgren och Tommie Eriksson)

At 9.15

  • GroupA: Grp02 Oskar & Andreas
  • GroupB: Grp2 Chris & Mikael

At 10.00

  • GroupA: Grp17 Magnus & Albin
  • GroupB: Grp13 Conny & Erik

At 10.45

  • GroupA:
  • GroupB: grp15 Sebastian Ragnarsson & Christoffer Damfelt

At 13.15

  • GroupA: Grp00, Kent Håkansson, Hampus Hessman
  • GroupB:grp20, Tomas Gröning, Fredric Otternäs

At 14.00

  • GroupA: grp09 - Henrik Freiholtz
  • GroupB:Grp29 Yuyang

At 14.45

  • GroupA:
  • GroupB: grp19 Bikke Gyhre, Jonathan Princis

At 15.30

  • GroupA: grp03 Johan Westerlund, Karl Knutsson
  • GroupB: grp22 Daniel Jussila, Mnami Syeda

Friday the 22th

At 8.30

  • GroupA: grp08 Joel Börjesson & Mikael Roos
  • GroupB:

At 9.15

  • GroupA: Grupp14 Madeleine Karlsson och Elias Lundmark
  • GroupB: Grupp11 Simon Nilsson och Mathias Andersson

At 10.00

  • GroupA: Grupp18. Johan Puonti och Jonathan Karlfeldt
  • GroupB: Grupp21. Jonny Glimblad

At 16.00 sharp the power will be cut off in the server-room,
and everyone not finished will fail

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