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TN och IP-telefoni


Skills Exam

On this skills exam you work individually with your own hardware. It's allowed to bring one A4 paper with handwritten notes (both sides) to the skills exam.

Session 0: Course Introduction

Goal: Only talk, make sure everyone is up to speed

Session 1: Initial Setup

Goal: Initial setup of server and make the first telephone call

  1. Collect hardware
    • One bootable PC with DVI-graphics, DVI-cable, USB keyboard and mouse. Check memory and harddisk.
    • Get and install POTS-card (TDM400P Bilder, Manual, websida ). Make sure power is connected to the POTS-card
    • One bootable CD with trixbox installation
    • Two headsets, Two IP-phones, One analog phone, Two(one) Iphone/android phones (or nokia with SIP-support)
    • One web-cam
  2. Surrounding requirements:
    • Internet connection for the PC with public IP-address
    • Power over Ethernet for the IP-phones
    • The PC-server should stay on for the whole time of the course, but the phones came come and go
  3. Install and basic configuration
    • Install Trixbox on the server PC
    • Make sure there are strong passwords on the user root and the web-users "user" and "maint" (deafult: password)
    • Make two softphones on wired ethernet call each other like this video
    • Check out the show command:
 asterisk -vvvvr 
 sip show ?
 sip show registry 

Session 2: End-nodes & Peers

Goal: Add more phones, of different type to the system, and connect to the other PBX-servers

  1. Learn how linphone works on cabled PC-clients and make a test-call
  2. Install linphone on portable wireless laptops and do the same
  3. install linphone on handheld cellphones and make a test-call
  4. Cisco IP Phones 7960:
    1. Setup the phone with IP address and TFTP location
      • Hit the Settings button a lot to access the setup-menu
      • If you can't access the menu: Do a factory-reset (power on w. #-key, 12345678*0#, yes) and hit menu button a lot
      • Choose Network setup and scroll down to option 30 (disable DHCP)
      • Choose Network setup and scroll down to option 8 (tftp-server) and set it to your trixbox-server IP-address
      • If you're still stuck; read this document
    2. Setup files
      • Make sure the phone looks for files by looking at the tftp-log, if it doesn't: go back to the previous point
      • Find the firmware files for that model (hard) Here
      • Edit some files to make sure it points to the correct version of your firmware
      • Run the linux-script setup-cisco
      • GUI: Create an extension for the IP phone; make sure NAT=no and Qualify=yes
      • Select PBX -> [Endpoint manager] and add the IP-phone and its mac address
  5. Cisco IP Phones 7965:
    • Hit the Settings button a lot to access the setup-menu
    • If you can't access the menu: Do a factory-reset (power on w. #-key, 12345678*0#, yes) and hit menu button a lot
    • Choose Network setup and disable DHCP
    • Change tftp-server to the IP of your trixbox-server
    • Make sure the right load information in XMLDefault.cnf.xml for 7965
    • Get the SEP{mac-address}.cnf.xml and make the changes needed in it

Session 3: Dial-Plan and Analog-Phone

  1. Create a dial-plan to translate incoming 10-digit numbers to 4-digit extensions
    (i.e. Strip incoming numbers from 10-digits (0520-223202) to 4 digit extensions (3202) )
    1. Trunk: Add trunk
      To handle incoming 10-digit number you need to change in file /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf (use GUI PBX->ConfigFileEditor ) and goto section ext-did-0001
      exten => fax,1,Goto(ext-fax,in_fax,1)
      exten => _052269XXXX,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:6})
      exten => _052269XXXX,n,Hangup()
       ;BEWARE!! -- Whenever you change and SAVE, this config *will* disapear
       ; end of [ext-did-0001]
      Probably better done somewhere else with a 052022 variable ... ??
    2. OUTGOING: Send numbers to correct PBX
      Add one trunk per other group (peer) by selecting "Trunks" in the GUI:
      Trunk Name: PODF
      [Peer Details]
       ; !-- My own name -- must be same on other side's trunk name
      [Dial Patterns] 052172XXXX
      [Trunk Sequence] SIP/PODF
  2. Setup a sip-peer to the other PBX-server and create dial-plans accordingly
  3. To Call Support between trunks
    1. Make a Ring-group
    2. Add all your extensions
    3. Make a SUPPORT extension
    4. Then Click "Edit Follow Me settings"
    5. Set Ring Time to 1
    6. Edit "Destination if no answer:" and select "call ring group"
    7. Whenever you call this extension it will go direct to "destionation if no answer" and call all extensions.
  4. Configure the analog phone in AsteriskNOW
  5. Överkurs: logga in på cellip.com MinaSidor, Din SIP-trunk har användarnamn 46520580026 och fixa så att det går att ringa ut
    Alternativt: fixa eget kontantkortskonto på phonzo.se och beställ Phonzo Cash (Kontantkort)


Session 4: Features

  1. Dual-line: pip-pip i luren
  2. Local Directory
  3. Call Forwarding
  4. Call Transfer
  5. Call Park
  6. Call Pickup
  7. Intercom
  8. Paging
  9. CDRs and Call Accounting
  10. After-hours Call Blocking
  11. Music on Hold
  12. HARD: Answer-machine (Voice-mail)
  13. HARD: Video-calls
  14. Multiple lines aka buttons (not multiple accounts!); download supporting soft-phones:

Session X: Not included this year

Dial 9 for operator Hur fungerar Digit-strip: 0 added to external call We don't care about video call Codecs internally and externally - transcoding

Number plan

Number Plan
POD A, Trollhättan, GigabiteEthernet 0/4, IP = 193.10.203.DHCP
Robert Andersson 0520-22 3202 Wired PC
Christian Ohlsson 0520-22 3217 Wireless PC
Stig Johansson 0520-22 3212 Smartphone
Liselott Lycke 0520-22 3357 Cisco Phone 7960
Linn Gustavsson Christiernin 0520-22 3208 Analog Phone (POTS)
Kalle Anka 0520-22 3131 Cisco Phone 7965
SUPPORT 0520-22 3299 Second button
on all IP-phones
Number Plan
POD B, Vänersborg, GigabiteEthernet 0/5, IP = 193.10.203.DHCP
Ewy Gahnstöm 0521-72 1107 Wired PC
Guy Mahlviker 0521-72 1180 Wireless PC
Ove Frid 0521-72 1112 Smartphone
Thomas Friden 0521-72 1284 Cisco Phone 7960
Mona Selen 0521-72 1287 Cisco Phone 7965
Tuija Viking 0521-72 1237 Analog Phone (POTS)
SUPPORT 0521-72 1199 Second button
on all IP-phones
Number Plan
POD C, Uddevalla, GigabiteEthernet 0/6, IP = 193.10.203.DHCP
Yvonne Jägerbrand 0522-69 7019 Wired PC
Lise-Lotte Boldt 0522-69 7351 Wireless PC
Monica Pettersson 0522-69 7374 Smartphone
Roger Stenstrom 0522-69 7319 Cisco Phone 7960
Kong Le 0522-69 7348 Cisco Phone 7965
Britt-Inger Berntsson 0522-69 7077 Analog Phone (POTS)
SUPPORT 0522-69 7399 Second button
on all IP-phones
Number Plan
POD D, Mellerud, GigabiteEthernet 0/6, IP = 193.10.203.DHCP
Jonas Andersson 0530-18 8183 Wired PC
Christer Hermansson 0530-18 8182 Wireless PC
Lars-Ake Joelsson 0530-18 8196 Smartphone
Roland Skog 0530-18 8185 Cisco Phone 7960
Ulla Granquist 0530-18 8284 Cisco Phone 7965
Maria Vikingsson 0530-18 8286 Analog Phone (POTS)
SUPPORT 0530-18 8199 Second button
on all IP-phones

POD B, Lysekil fa0/1: 0523-61 3700 0523-61 3703 0523-61 3711 Maria Vikingsson Alberto Roncero Andreas Andersson


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